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Latest flu clinic information Posted on 12 Aug 2019


We have been informed there will now be no delay to our under 65 flu vaccine delivery date. All of the below flu clinics can therefore be utilised by all at risk patients aged 18-65 and all patients aged over 65. Please call 01825 766055 to book your flu appointment.


Saturday 28 September 8am- 12pm


Thursday 10 October 6.30pm-8.30pm





Saturday 19 October 8am- 12pm


Thursday 24 October 6.30pm-8.30pm


Saturday 26 October 8am- 12pm


 We will be running dedicated  appointments for those at risk patients aged under 18 in our clinic on Saturday 26 October.  We will also be running a dedicated MMR clinic on Saturday 28 September and Saturday 19 October.




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